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My new amp. Vox ad3...
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My new amp. Vox ad30vt

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Well i got my vox ad30vt for my birthday and i have to say it's pretty sweet. It has lots of effects and cool amp models. The adjustable power thing is cool so you get tube saturation and low volume. Also when you use headphones the power selector does nothing, so you can just put it at the lowest. The only bad part is when you cahnge your preset amp you will have to turn it up for the clean amps and down for the distorted amps. Overall its good.

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Very cool! Congratulations!

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I've listened to sound clips on that amp. Sounds awesome. Great looking amp too. Fantastic low price as well. I wouldn't mind owning one of those.

You should be able to gig with that amp. 30 watts is loud!

Good deal.


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