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Needing some ideas ...
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Needing some ideas on replacement AMP - pls help!!!

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Currently have a little Fender 15G, volume and tone controls have all but died.

Thinking of sinking a couple hundred $'s into a better amp, not so much needed for gigging, but wanting some really nice clean channel tone. Mostly play blues/classic rock. Having something that could easily integrate with pc for some recording would be a plus, as would something with a good amount of "modeling" capability to play around and experiment with....

Guitar is a Schecter C1 classic, just recently got it to upgrade my Squire strat...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Have spent hours upon hours reading reviews and looking at different amps, but just dont know.......

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The best thing is to go out and play through different types of amps. See what sort of tones you like, because every type of amp has it's own feel when playing through it.

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Check this one out

also the berhinger GMX 212 is good ( I have one and like it alot)

the GMX 210 is $199
also Epiphone has some great low cost tube amps :D the valve standard is 15 watts ( It would blow out your windows)

they have a Valve spacial , 5 watts for $239. I have the epiphone Valve Head and it will keep up with a drum set with no problem ( its 5 watts)

You must realize that 15 watts of tube power will blow away 15 watts of solid state power :twisted:

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My 5 watt valve jr. combo is loud as loud as two cats with their tails tied together thrown into a bucket of water!

You should check it out. VERY pedal friendly you can squeeze almost any tone out of it!

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I would say the Behringer amps, because you want to record, integrate with your PC, and want modeling. Behringer amps are loaded with these very types of features. They get excellent reviews for their modeling, so I'm sure you could get any tone whether clean, Blues, Rock, Metal....

Plus, Behringer is about the best bang for the buck you can get. 5 years ago or so the quality of their products was questioned as well as service. But they have vastly improved both. I own many Behringer products myself (mostly PA gear) and I have been very happy, never had a single problem with anything. Not even once. :D

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Blues and Classic Rock you say?

The epi's are the best for the $

All tube for a few hundred dollars, and i love my special.

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There's a nice Tech 21 Trademark 30 amp for sale in the Swap Meet section ... ;)

Okay, that's a shameless plug, but it really has everything you want. Modeling and easy hookup to a PC.

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