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New amp

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Daniel Lioneye
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I was in the market for a small but versatile guitar amp to take with me to college. I have a fender champ 600, but the lack of a headphone jack would make it so I could barely play it(and rarely be able to crank it-we all know tube amps sound better the louder they are).

I walked into a store with no intention of buying an amp that day, but I fell in love with the Roland micro cube(it was also on sale). It has just about everything I could need and won't take up much space in my dorm room, plus it has a headphone jack as well as an aux. input which should make my playing annoy as few people as possible.
I got the red one(it's color scheme matches with my favorite band, The White Stripes),which is a plus.

Anyone one else have one? If you do, what settings do you like?

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I think that's a terrific little amp.

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I have the larger version of this, the cube 15, and it is absolutaly brilliant. Try one out if you can, especially good for using through headphones as it has the power booster button for when its on low volumes.


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yep. have a Cube30 and a MicroCube. my Pignose looks cool, but the Micro delivers superior tones.

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