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Overdrive pedal on a solid state amp?

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vink wrote:

"I wonder if you can tweak the RP50 to get more of what you want .. are you using the presents directly, or have you tweaked them? My experience with my Zooom pedal has been that the presets needed lot of tweaking. Especially, everything needed to be "dialed down", so to speak.."

Out of 40 standard presets, you could count up the number of useful ones on one hand and still have plenty of fingers left over. There's a lot to play with in terms of using effects singly or in multiple combinations, tweaking is difficult because you are limited to just choosing from preset progressive levels of an effect (1-9) and effects only chain in one order. Adding a little overdrive/distortion outside of this allows me to "goose" things in between the presets a bit more than just trying to use volume and tone on the guitar. I also need to experiment with the output side of the RP to see if this makes any difference.

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Both the RP50 and the Zoom pedals sound a whole lot different when their run stereo instead of mono. Although some of the presets sound great mono. Using them stereo and two guitar amps or a stereo power amp will open up a new horizon's. Yes, they both take time tweaking them, but so does any unit.


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I'm piggybacking on this topic because it's in line with what I'm looking at.

I have a Marshall MG15DFX solid-state and a Semi-Hollow body Guitar. I'm looking for a blues 'crunch' tone and the overdrive channel on the MG15DFX just doesn't sound right. I'm looking for a pedal to accentuate it and was thinking of the Behringer Blues pedal or the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver.

Are there other alternatives that will give my Semi-Hollow the type tone I'm looking for?

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