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Peavey TransTube?
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Peavey TransTube?

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I'm considering buying a decent 50W (ish) amp to use on some of the gigs that are coming up now, and I happened to plug a guitar I was trying into a Peavey Bandit 112. The guitar was OK, but I was seriously impressed with the amp. I think I might add a Studio Pro (that's the 65W one) to my shortlist. One thing that appeals to me is the built-in power brake effort thingy (they call it T Dynamics) which would enable me to ditch my current small Fender, and just lug the one amp.

I can't afford a pure tube amp, more's the pity, and anyway as I use a processor most of the time, I'm depending on the modelling on that for most of the tone. I'd been considering a Fender FM-65, but this Peavey's got me thinking, esp. with the T Dynamics and the variable modern/vintage voicing ...

Anyone any experience with any of the Peavey TransTube amps? Reliable? Gig-worthy?

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i had a studio pro once, i had no problem with it, its a nice little amp, you could jam out with it but like any solid state it will sound like crap at high volume. i also have a peavey wolfgang and a peavey ultra. i have never had any problem with anything made by peavey, they get such a bad rap but i think they put out some quality equipment.

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My practise amp is a TransTube Backstage and it's a decent enough amp. A friend of mine uses a TransTube for his band's gigs and they sound pretty damn awesome. :)

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