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Pedalboard opinion!
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Pedalboard opinion!

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So I've semi-finished my setup recently and I wanted to get a few opinions on it.
I'm using an older (probably 2006) entry-level modified guitar Ibanez SA260FM with a DiMarzio D-Activator on the bridge and a DiMarzio PAF 36th Aniversary on the bridge through a Bugera 120W 333XL Infinium series + a Harley Benton 2x12 Vintage (V30 Celestion Equipped).

Since I'm using the Amps distorsion/crunch I'm running my signal like this: FX Loop - Boss DM-2, Boss DD-7, Strymon Flint (on the true Bypass mode), Custom Made MXR Phaser '90 (true bypassed) and a CGB80 HighGain Dunlop Volume Pedal. From guitar to Amp - just tuner and Fulltone OCD (which is mostly on).

I am using the clean channel for cleans (with the OCD off) and some crunch (with the OCD on), the crunch channel for rhythm (with the OCD on) and the lead channel for leads of course (different EQ, slightly more volume).

Last modification was putting the Boss DD-7 and CGB80 Volume pedal and I have noticed not actually a tone-loss, but an extremely slight muffing, like you get when you push a transistor amp. It's not actually that noticeble, but it's annoying me a bit. I was expecting maybe some tone-loss, although Boss DM-2 seems like a really decent buffer so that's why I've put it at the start of the FX Loop chain.

If it's possible, I wouldn't want to create other loops in my chain and I wouldn't want to add an separate EQ since I kinda made my pedalboard full with the last two additions.

Any opinions on the signal chain? Would you do something different?
I am also thinking about adding a Wah pedal and possibly a 3rd delay, digital-wise, possibly a TimeLine - but only after I get a bigger pedalboard.