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Pedalboard or Effects Board?

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Bear with me, please. This may be a tad long.

I currently use modeling amps to practice; the latest is a Line6 AMPLIFi 30, a cool, very compact, 30W modeling amp that has both built-in models, replaceable models, and an editor that is an app on a phone or tablet. I find it very flexible in getting the amp/cabinet/effects sound I want. I can store these and recall them as desired.

However, it doesn't have a true lineout. It has a 1/4" headphone jack, but I'm beginning to play with a band that runs through a sound board, and I don't think my little amp is suitable for that.

Last Sunday, I saw a guitar player I know playing without an amp! Instead, he was using a new pedalboard -- or more precisely, a multi-effects board. It also was a Line6 product, a Firehawk FX. He was running his guitar straight through the board into the sound board. In true Line6 fashion, he is able to create and edit everything, from amp to cabinet to multiple effects, and even an expression pedal. All then running with a direct output to the sound board. He sounded great!

I have a number of pedals, but mostly prefer to play clean. I do like my Fulltone Mini-Deja'Vibe / Robin Trower Overdrive, but I rarely use distortion, and other effects. That may be that most of my amps are modeling amps, so I can get those effects from the amp rather than the pedal.

So, should I consider switching from my (mostly unused) pedalboard to something like the Firehawk FX, which also gives me a feed to a sound board?

Duke Ellington said it best: "If it sounds good, it IS good!"