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Popping noise from my amp?

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I have an all-valve Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head and was just wondering about the popping noise it makes when it is turned off. It doesn't make the noise everytime I turn it off, but every three times or so. It is basically just a quick little "click" or "pop". It only makes this noise when I turn it off to. When I turn it off, the pop noise comes right after I flick off the black standby switch. Am I turning the amp off correctly? I flick off the standby switch THEN the red power switch. I was just wondering if this is normal in tube amps and if not, what should i do to get it fixed.

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I do not necessarily think that is a problem. I own a Marshall DSL401. It also makes a little pop when you put it in standby, but not so loud as to be a problem.

Is this really loud?

Also, it is not necessary to put an amp in standby when turning it off. Just turn it off. You can even unplug it. It will not cause any harm whatsoever.

However, you should put the amp in standby when turning it on. Let the amp warm up for maybe one minute before you take it off standby. This will prolong tube life.

Standby is good when you are not going to be playing through your amp for 15-30 minutes, as taking a break at a gig. But anything over that, just turn the amp off.

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It very common. The power is still there from the caps being charged.