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Power adapters

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So I have used a line 6 fx board for a while now, and have recently switched this out for some good ole classic effects pedals. Got a combo of Boss, Maxon, Vox, MXR, and visual sound pedals on the ground now and I am wondering what decent power supplies I should be using. I looked at a lot of reviews on Musicians Friend and I am scared to blow up my hard earned pedals now! Since I am playing live shows, and would not like to rely on batteries, nor 2 power strips to power all my pedals (my setup is rather complicated but sounds wonderful!) I am wondering if the one spot or godlyke power daisy chains are good, or if they will blow my stuff up?

I see the voodoo labs stuff is nice however for $250 it wont power the 11 pedals that I have without some sort of daisy chaining, so before I spend my hard earned cash, or run the risk of blowing my stuff up, I wanted to get the opinions on what would be safe and reliable!

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How about a OneSpot?

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+1 for OneSpot. be aware that there are single-pedal and multi-pedal versions.

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I thought I'd add on to this thread rather than starting a new one.

I am trying to find the perfect power supply to power my smallish setup, but I'm starting to believe that it doesn't exist. I have several of your standard 9V DC pedals, no problem there. Then, an eventide timefactor, also 9V but is more power hungry. There's plenty of supplies out there that can accommodate that too. The real problem is my digitech whammy, which requires 9VAC. The closest I've found is the T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon, which has all the normal 9V options, plus a 12VAC. It's the only one I've seen that has DC and AC options, but unfortunately, it doesn't have a 9VAC option. Does anyone know of a supply that can cover my pedals? Or does anyone run a powered pedal board and you have a whammy or other VAC pedal that you have a good workaround for?

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I use a One Spot for most and an additional adapter for my digital reverb as I think it uses too much power. My AC powered goodies also plug straight into a power bar I've affixed to my board UNDERNEATH some of the pedals - there is a top layer to it to hide the bar. Works great, about 3 adapters, 1 direct plug and only one wall plug in.