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Please, what is the purpose of the presence setting on my Hot Rod Delux?

Thank you.

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It's hard for me to explain so, I found this on the web.
Leo Fender identified a particular type of brightness that is not strictly a function of resonant frequency alone (trebles) but rather derived from the combination of this plus sharp attack of a guitars pickup. Even low notes can have presence when they possess the right type of harmonic makeup and attack. Up to a point more attack equates to more presence. However when the attack/resonance envelope is such that the sound becomes very thin and brittle then presence actually diminishes. Presence helps carry the note through the shimmer and clatter of Cymbals and other instruments without having to play overly loud. Balanced presence is a valuable commodity.
I also have the HRD like 4 or 5 others on this site. It's a great amp!

I hope that helped.

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Another HRD owner here. I think of Presence as a bright control. Turn it up and your highs can get piercing. I usually set mine around 4. But I try all different settings all the time. I have heard it has more effect on the Drive channels than the Clean channel. I think it is more noticable.

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I use it, on my V-amp and GMX212, partly as EQ and partily to make sure the drummer doesn't drown me out. By setting the presence to max, and lowering the general high-EQ, your sound will me cut through much better without radically changing the sharpness of your sound. When playing clean it seems to be little more then another EQ paramter, but maybe that's because I use el-cheapo gear. :D