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Question of a psych...
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Question of a psychodelic sound???

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Hi all! I have been in a bit of a quaral lately trying to figure out what effects Corgan could have used in this song
Anybodys guess would most likely be better than mines, so please answer if you sincerley think you know.
Thanks in advance -Myles

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Hey Brak, that is a cool and hard to find song. I like it, alot!

I asked/emailed my son for what I think is the answer. I trained him to identify sounds, guitars, amps and the levels they are set to, from the time he was 11 - 13 yrs. old to about 15, and it served him well in High School Music, when he had 60,000 songs in his head that he could talk about. The music (guitar) teacher banned him from answering the "hidden or obscure question of the day" until the rest of the class, all fine people whom we knew and played with, were nevertheless "stumped"? sounds crazy, but he never missed a question in 5 years. He is a record collector, plate spinner and effects collector. He builds synthesizers now and is on electronic and synth forums. Every synth or part of a synth, is one huuuuuge stomp box.

Why can't I just answer the question? Life is short, we're only here (hear) for awhile, and I'm here, when I'm here to delve in, to talk it up or discuss.

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 11:24 PM, XXXXXX wrote:

"What type of effects please, if on guitar, not interested in the bass. I guess it isn't piano or synth?

I'd say it's a shot at Kurt Cobain, which was chorus and delay, and more. I won't answer the question till I know.

I have got that sound on a teen spirit or Nirvana-named patch, but never made it out of individual effects. Thanks.


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Yeah that's a chorus. When you turn the rate and depth up enough it starts to sound almost dissonant. That DOD chorus I have goes even past that point, into sounding like mush if you want.

That is a pretty rare song:

Like a bird on the wire,
like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free.

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I'd go for chorus, delay/echo/reverb and probably a ring modulator.

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Thats pretty rad...thanks