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Rack System Help Needed

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I recently bought a TC Electronics G-Force FX Processor, along with the Roland FC-300 Midi Foot Controller to control it.

I run this through my Peavey JSX amp head.

What i Originally wanted to do was Just have to stomp 1 button to get Clean, with effects and 1 button for straight distortion [using my amps channels.

How can I do this? because i dont care much for the TC's Drive. I simply want to press ONE button for my desired effects. and I was told by Roland that the foot board is not designed for that.

Please help thank you!


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The central issue is that most processors, like your G-Force, don't have a built-in bypass switch, which is common in effects pedals.

The easiest way is to program a clean patch on the G-Force that has no effects. This would be as close as you could get to bypassing the amp. The downside is you'd have to hit two buttons - one on your midi controller, and then the amps distortion. I believe, however, that this is what you want to avoid.

A better solution is to get a midi foot controller that is specifically designed for guitarists (with amps, effects, and stomp boxes). Check out the Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

Since you already have a foot controller, the GCX Audio Switcher may be suitable.

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A possible cheaper control pedal that will do what you want is the Behringer FCB1010. It has midi output and it can control up to two standard footswitch controls such as amp channel / drive / reverb etc. You could program the FCB1010 up to control your G-Force and use the standard footswitch controls to say change the channel on your amp and perhaps an A/B box to bypass the G-Force.

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I just purchased a Rocktron Midi Mate pedal board. I am running this to control an Egnater pre amp Chassis with a Clean Module, the JTM-45 Module, and an XTC Module. This goes into a Rocktron Xpression unit for effects into a power amp. The Midi Mate should be able to change (with one push of the button after I program it) between preamps and effect patches. So if I program button #1 = Clean Preamp, Effect 81. Button #2 = JTM-45 Preamp, Effect 36 etc...

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