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randall amps
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randall amps

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anyone have or use one

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Don't own one, but I have heard quite a few and was very impressed. They are very Marshall-like tonewise from what I've heard. They are very popular today with many Hard Rock and Metal bands. Good prices too.

What kind of music do you play?

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Randall has the new RM-100 which is like the Egnater amp that has tone modules that are plugins. Those are supposed to be absolutel;y awesome, just try all the modules at length to pick the right ones for you. This amp isn't cheap thougth, I don't know your budget.

Randall also has the RM50 and RM100 tube amps, they are Chinese-made and are said to be pretty nice amps.

Chinese amps use cheaper components but that can range from cheap but decent to cheap and craptacular. So far it seems that companies like Peavey and Randall are using better components - in the cheaper range - because their chinese amps are reliable - so far. Then again, they haven't been out that long, so the long-term picture is not yet clear.

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I have a Randall RG50TC. I like it. I don't need any pedals for distortion, even has a seperate channel for leads. The cleans are good, not great. Getting a bluesy type of distortion is a little hard though. So far, I've only gotten my Les Paul to get that tone by overdriving the pre-amp. If you are into hard rock or metal I'd say go for one.

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randal makes great amp, there overdrive rocks 8)

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