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Recording from an amp

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Hi all, up wasn't sure which topic this would fall into so I apologise if this isn't the right one. So, my boyfriend is the guitar player and I would like to help him further his Facebook page by filling it up with some quality videos of his gigs.
I'd like to add I know very little about the music/guitar jargon so I apologise for this very lengthy and how annoying I will be :lol:
He is a lone guitar player and singer. His acoustic Taylor is plugged into his acoustic Cube amp along with the mic. I was wondering if there is a way I can record the sound from the amp in the simplist of ways. I plan to film on my camera but would prefer to take the sound directly from the amp to try and avoid the background noise of the venue.
Can anyone help me? Please keep it beginner friendly and very simple :roll: :lol:

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You can always try with recorder, lik one of these
And then You mix sound with video :)