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Reverb pedal

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Hello all

This is a query about reverb pedals in general and also specifically the Behringer RV600.

I occasionally like to use the reverb on a very wet setting so that my first attack note is not so emphasized - for doing a fast strum shimmer type effect. However I find when the mix is above 60% there is a kind of latency and I can't keep in time because of the delay in response. The more I increase the mix, i.e the wetter the sound, the more of a delay there is.

I'm not sure if this is how it should sound, it being the nature of the reverb effect in that you're just hearing the echo and not the first note. To me though, the first echo note sounds as if it's just a delayed attack and is not lost in a kind of swell but is emphasised and almost staccato. This makes it unuseable unless you play a milli second ahead and anticipate what you want to hear which I cannot do!

I don't know if with better pedals this would be less of an issue or I just have to suck it up. Your thoughts please?

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I had a device where I had to compensate for the latency but I can't remember what it was - I like the dano PB&J for slap back, they are cheap too. I have Holy Stain for hall effects live, its the best I have found. Do you experience the problem only if using the batt or plug? Either way its probably a faulty design or a bad chip. If it is - work with it - people pay big money for originality. But if you are using it for two types of verb I would say you should probably get a second pedal anyway - who wants to turn knobs on stage? The PB&J is pretty cheap and there are some cool easy mods for it.