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seriously consideri...
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seriously considering line 6 pod but...

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well, i have used one (pod x2) and was blown away at how good i thought it was, but i only used it for an half an hour jam. the reason i want one is because our covers band are getting gigs every week now and i would like to be able to change my tone from "sultans of swing" to "sweet child o mine" to "the beatles etc" as quickly and easily as possible. (not that i can play any of those properly :lol: )

i would like to know what peoples opinions are on these pods - as i said i only used one for half an hour, not long enough to understand any weaknesses or explore its strengths fully and it is a lot of money to lay out without at least taking in other people opinions.
just to give people an idea of what i already own - vintage v100 les paul copy guitar, peavey valveking 212, and various delay, wha etc pedals.

so anyway, are they worth the money or should i look elsewhere, and if so at what?

thanks for your time in reading this. Al

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In general, multi-effect pedals are great for what you describe - getting different tones quickly and easily, especially for cover bands.

The weakness is they sound great, but not fantastic, and certainly not as colorful as the actual effects or tube amps.

Another weakness is the amp tone depends on spatial effects that sound great in small rooms, but not so great in open areas (i.e. outside).

As for the POD - the tone also depends on the amp. Many prefer the Line6 combos instead, since they are matched.

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