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ShoeGaze Sound

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Anybody know what type of pedal I should get to achieve a sound very ambient like and full of reverb? Here is a sound also of my liking.
Intially I was thinking about getting this, but I dont know anymore, as I am not that experience in guitar "toys".
Just give me your best guest or opinion on what you might think will work, or WILL work...

Thanks in advance- Myles

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shoegaze is usually fuzz and delay, although that one wasn't very fuzzy, and it was a short delay time. reverb, like you mentioned, is also common.
the most common fuzzes are variants on the big muff pi and the fuzzface. there are tons of different ones of each. there are both analog and digital delays. tons of those as well. i don't know much about reverb, i just use the one on my amp, or very short delay times for a similar effect.
check the pedal reviews and videos, check sites like where they talk about fuzzes and delays all day, play a few, decide what you like.