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shopping for new amp looking for advice

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hey i recently purchased a fender blues junior. it is a allright sounding amp pretty decent cleans and a nice sort of a zepplin/ cream classic rock style over drive..... BUT i am not satisfied with the amp...... its single channel which is a pain because while playing in church or with friends its a pain in the butt bending over and turning the master and volume nobs to get the od to go on and off....... also it really isnt giving me enough gain i mainly play guns n roses, lenny kravitz, late system of a down, velvet revolver, tom petty, and stp stuff... it allmost get enough gain when i crank it but the bass response and flabbing speaker ruin it a full blown volumes...

some of you may say " buy this pedal or try this pedal to boost it" well believe it or not i have not heard a decent pedal that can replicate hard rock tube tone.... the tube screamer was alright but it just didn't sound thick or heavy enough..... so i have moved away from pedals

rarely ever do i play blues so i should have know whith a name like BLUES JUNIOR that i wasnt buying what im looking for....

now i never would have bought this amp except for the fact that i purchased it used for $150 used which is a heck of a deal! i think they go for $400 ish reatail.... so any who i am now looking for another new tube amp

so im amp hunting again any of your expert advice is more than welcome!

here are the requirments

1.must have 2 channels or more would be great ( clean/distorted) footswitchable would be great but im probably asking too much hahaha
2. the od channel must be able to get to heavy velvet revolver style distortion.. i hate distortion pedals ( sound like buzz saws)
3. 15- 20 watts is all i need for a tube amp because ill need to crank it to get great tone and in church anything above 30 watts is waaaayy too loud!!!
4. im only looking to spend $1,000- $1,500 usd........ so that pretty much rules out the marshall jvms.....

5. must be all tube. i don't like the half valve half modeling thing...

also i have tried the peavey valve king and it was terrible so please don't recomend that hahaha
thank you for any help its allways apreciated
thank you very much