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SS Distortion vs Distortion effect pedal?

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Question..I just bought a Flextone III XL amp..Is the distortion "built-in" that amp different than using a distortion pedal?..Is the distortion pedal a more "cleaner" distortion?..If so..what's a name brand "clean-sounding" distortion pedal?...Thanks in advance!

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You'll just need to play with the distortion on your amp to see if you get a tone you like. If not, go to a local shop and try out any pedal you can get your hands on and see if you like it. Every pedal will sound different through a different amp. Boss pedals seem to be pretty common. They make several from mild to wild.

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None of the standard (boss/Ibanez) pedals will give a better, different or more versatile sound as your amp. You'll just have to work harder with the XL to get that sound out of it.