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Stomping Board amplification

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I just made a stomping board today, how should I amplify it? Should i just stick a little mic in there (if so what kind?) or can I stick a pickup in there?

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What, pray, is a stomping board?

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Are you talking about something like a Porch Board?
If so, I have no idea how to amplify it, sorry.


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Many people have put small ceramic disk mic elements, or even the ceramic element out of a Radio Shack doorbell buzzer inside their stomp boards.

I bought a bunch of cheap ceramic mic elements from The Electronics Goldmine for experimentation of this sort, but looking over there today I see no mics of the sort that lend themselves well to this application, just dynamic and electret units. Look around on electronic surplus sites, or if all else fails go to Radio Shack.

Over on the Big Road Blues forum you'll find a lot of people who know what you're talking about and have built their own. You'll likely get some helpful suggestions.

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