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Two speakers vs. one

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Hopefully this isn't a really dumb question. Is there a big advantage to having two speakers in an amp compared to a single speaker? Is it enough of a difference that it should be a significant factor in my search for an amp?

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Here is an intro on the topic. It's related to bass, but most of it applies to guitar amps as well.

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i'd say the head is going to be a bigger factor than the speaker if you're getting a combo, but you always have the option of getting a separate head and speaker cab. imo, two speakers give a fuller tone than one, but it's less of a difference than different heads or different speaker brands.

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Some folks like to mix different kinds of speakers.

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I asked myself the same question not long ago. At the end I decided to buy a single-speaker combo because it was simply easier to carry around and had more than enough power and volume to be played (only) at home. I tried out a few different amps with 2,3 and 4 speakers - and seriously considered at least one of them (Victoria 35310) - and now I regret not buying it because it had more clarity, more balance and a brighter/fuller sound.

If you are into combos, I would at least have a look at them and try a few out (Fender Bassman for instance). I found most of them far too heavy and way too loud for playing at home, but this might be different for you. They are generally also a lot more expensive.

As for a head and separate cab, I haven't really looked at that, but going down that road opens up a enormous amount of options - mixing heads and cabs, different speakers, etc.

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A 2 x 12 will sound fuller than a 1 x 12. But as everyone has mentioned, portability becomes the problem. If you don't mind lugging an amp that may weigh 65 lbs. or more, go with a 2 x 12. If you want an amp that you can load on the backseat at a moments notice to go jam at a friend's house, then you will be happier with a 1 x 12. A 1 x 12 provides plenty of sound and fullness for a gig, but a 2 x 12 will sound bigger every time.

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It will also depend on the type of music you play and how loud you play . With country , blues , pop and most older rock styles one 12" speaker is plenty for anything short of an arena . With heavy metal I would suggest more speakers as they are likely to use drop tunings and accentuated bass .

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