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Vox Amp Quesiton (W...
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Vox Amp Quesiton (Wrong Section ?)

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This may be thewrong place to post this...

Ive been playing guitar for a good number of years now, but have only ever had very very cheap equipment but for the first time i can afford to buy some great equipment.

So I'm looking to buy a Rikenbacker 360 6-String, but of cource i want an amp to let its whole potential shine through, I was told that the Vox AC30 CC2 2x12 was the perfect amp for it.

After some looking into it the amp sounds as if its abit large and mabye not suitable for home playing atall.

Does anyone have one or know if it would be too loud/big for home playing, and if so, what other amps Vox or Other work well with a ric.

Thanks for any help :)

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I think a Vox amp would go perfect with the Rickenbacker, but if you are pretty much only going to be playing at home, the AC30 may be a bit much. You could try the AC15.


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Yeah, AC15 + an attenuator; even the 15 is pretty loud.

Oh, and upgrade the speaker to a Weber Blue Dog. :)

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Thanks for the responces, ive looked into the AC15 now and its perfect for what i need so im definatly going for that.

One other thing ive been looking at is low budget but good quality home recording equipment and also some effects, I was looking at the Line6 POD X3 Live and buying a couple mics for some different styles of recording into my laptop, is it a good device for recording on a computer via USB ? I dont know what kind of effects i definatly want so this sounds like a good all round assortment of some, can anyone offer an opinion on if its worth it or if im better going for proper pedals ?


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Each has their unique characteristics and can be used for different things.

The Line 6 offers a lot of versatility and easy recording via USB. You could use it to make quick recordings of song ideas.

For professional work, the AC15 at maximum volume will deliver serious rock tone and dynamics. It's a fantastic amp that's loud enough to keep up with a band.

Many touring musicians use both to write music. They record song ideas on a little box (like the Line 6), and overdub with the AC15 when they get into the studio.

The trick is to set the Line 6 up so that it sounds like the AC15. You can waste a ton of time playing with effects to get a cool tone, only to find that it's impossible to get without the Line 6. This is a trap many players fall into.

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Is it possible to connect 2 microphones into the Pod to record from the amp itself aswell as a vocal track ? or do you have to plug the guitar direct into the pod if you dont want to overdub ?

I'm wanting something that i can use to make recording into my computer simple but which will also work as a good varied guitar effect pedal.

I wouldnt mind getting 2 seperate items (1 for recording and 1 for effects) but i have around £500 to spend on it all so finding the best i can get is rather difficult when i dont understand alot of the technical issues :? .

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£500 just for FX and recording? I'd download Audacity for free (there's a link on here somewhere, but googling it will work fine). Then, I'd buy an interface - this one is listed at just over £100 - and here are some more -

then, I'd buy a Shure SM58 mic for vocal and a Shure SM57 for guitar (and/or any other instrument).

depending on where you shop and how much you want to/can haggle, the mics will come to £120+

that's a total of approx. £240 - you still have £260 left over. I'd use this to buy RAM for your computer if its currently got lower than 1GB of RAM installed. I can't quote prices on this since I'm not on Windows (I'm assuming you are). After that, look at effects. Personally, I prefer individual effects boxes (i.e. one for distortion, one for reverb, etc, etc). I find multi-FX boxes will have some great sounds/emulations, but they'll also have really crappy ones too. separate pedals for each FX means you can go for quality boxes for stuff you use most frequently. plus, you have some time to get used to your first pedal and work out what can do before you introduce another pedal into the mix. also, if one pedal breaks in some way, you've still got your others in working condition, whereas a multi-FX breaking down can leave you with no FX at all.

but that's just me. others may post with different suggestions.

what would really help is if you gave us the spec of your laptop (e.g. how much RAM, how much free hard drive space, which processor, etc, etc) as this will affect what purchase is right for you.

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