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What Amp Are You Using Now?

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I have several outputs. A Yamaha THR10C, a Zoom G3Xn (currently, Gibson plugged into the Zoom which is in turn plugged into the Yamaha) and a Line 6 Pocket POD.

I'm looking at getting a 1x12 amp and doing a lot of research. I like the fact that my Yamaha can plug into the computer without an audio interface and looking for that capability in a 1x12.

Locally, there are a few used 1x12s that get high marks. A Peavey Vypyr VIP 3:

A Fender Champion 40 (would require an AI to plug into a computer):

Same place briefly had a Boss Katana 50, but I didn't have the money to spare at the time and now it's sold.

There is also a Blackstar 2x10 that I might, just might, consider, but it doesn't have a pot to control input power:

The Peavey above and the Boss Katana can lower power input. Sooooo...decisions, decisions. May buy a brand new Boss Katana 50 if a used one doesn't pop up somewhere when I'm ready to buy.

Gibson Faded T
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Yamaha THR10C
Katana 50.
Line 6 HD500X
SOON: PRS SE Custom 24 in Laurel Burl finish

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