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what to do with the 200w out of my powered board ?

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I recently bought a Sunn SP-8200 powered mixer, and a single Peavey SP-2TI speaker for $30. I was pretty shocked to say the least, I tested everything and all is well. I have found a second SP-2TI speaker to purchase, and will need to get a 500 watt power amp to drive the horns, then a 1000 to drive the woofers (15" I believe). This seems to be the best way, judging by what I've read. If using a single power amplifier with these works well, please let me know. My main question is this: What do I do with the 200watts of that Sunn Mixer has ? Would a set of 100-150watt speakers sound nice along with the big ones ? Could I use the 200watts to drive monitors ? (and still be able to use the monitor controls on the board). Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really want to put something together thats loud, but sounds nice. :note1:

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There are 4 inputs on the SP-2TI.

You have a "Hi" input, and a "Low" input on these you can use for bi amping via using a crossover in your rack. If you're using the two amp outputs of the head to drive the Hi and Low inputs, STOP. Not using a crossover will put you in danger of blowing your speakers!

You should also have two input's marked "parallel" These are designed to accept a full range signal and a) pass it to the speakers via an internal crossover, and b) "Daisy chain" to another speaker if you desire. Each amp output should be connected to one of the "parallel" inputs on the two different speakers.

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