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Which is better? Marshall? or Mesa Boogie?

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I'm shopping for a new amplifier. I play hard rock/heavy metal. But I don't like to think of my band as a strict metal band. I play a Gibson Les Paul tuned down a whole step (it's easier for me to sing tuned down) through a Marshall solid state 2x12 combo now (I think it's a Marshall MGFX250 or MGDFX250, not sure) with zero effects pedals; I don't like pedals. I plug straight into the amp. I want a good tube amp. I know you can't really go wrong with the combination of Gibson and Marshall so I've been going to various guitar stores and playing through various Marshall half stacks. I've played MY guitar through anything from the JCM 800 to JVM 410. The JVM 410 was great; and very versatile, so I had made up my mind that the JVM was the amp I was gonna buy. But I decided that before I bought the Marshall, I would demo a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. The Mesa Boogie really blew me away with clarity and tightness that it possessed, especially on the bottom end. So now I'm kinda betwixt about which amp to buy. People tell me that the Marshall will pull the highs and mids out more than the Mesa. But I know that when started playing a drop c riff on the Mesa, it sounded tighter and just overall better to me. Anyone have any suggestions or comments? I would appreciate it.

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An amp's sound is a personal thing. Just remember that it's not what the amp sounds like from 3 feet away on stage that's important. it's what the amp sounds like in the middle of the room you're playing. At that distance "tight bottom" can degenerate into "flabby butt."

Remember the human ear has evolved to be most efficient in the 1000 to 2000 hertz range. Those are the frequencies that will get you through the mix.

Also give thought to reliability issues. Marshall is historically famous for running hot and "cooking" tubes and power transformers. Mesa Boogies tend to be "hissy" in some models.

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Mesa Boogie would be my choice between the two brands. As for Marshall, I'm not a fan unless you find me a true 70's amp! For me it's Fender right now which seems to bring the best value (in my opinion of course... this is very subjective and open discussion)...

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If you like the sound of the Mesa buy the Mesa. I love me some Marshal, the greatest amps to me and, yes - yes they do eat tubes and speakers and filter caps and trannys. Part of the charm, like an old jag, to own one you either need a good mechanic or a lot of tools and patience. My marshal experience is fairly new, but it is the only amp I ever had that taught me how to use it. Beast.

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Is it okay to set a mesa head on its side? Odd question but I want to place it in a rack case in which it would be on its side a lot is this okay?

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I've always used Marshall, but I've got to admit that I'm using the MG50FX right now and I'm at a crossroads. The sound I get from it isn't turning me on - to the extent that I'm experimenting with multi-FX boxes on stage with the Big Band and looking for a decent jazz sound with some good crunch for solos.

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Ur Kidding right?

I just had to post an answer...

My first thought was "here-on-stage-the-marshall-noise-is-piercing-through-your-ears-it-kicks-your-rear-kick-your-face-exploding-feeling-nears"

Bout sums it up foe me...


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Hope this helps the next person who has this silly question...

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Hope this helps the next person who has this silly question...

A bit harsh?