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Greetings to all the staff and users here, it was 1968 when my brother who was 18, I was 16 and just got my first taste of music from him when he snuck me into JB's in Kent Ohio. After a hippie makeover we had the privledge of seeing Glass Harp who was one of the regulars play, I was hooked from then on. Every weekend we saw bands like Glass Harp, The James Gang and so forth. My step dad had a rickety old sears guitar with the amp in the case and an acoustic guitar he wanted to learn country but never used them after he bought them. I wasn't allowed to touch his guitars but I often when he wasn't home played around with his guitars. I ended up leaving home at 17 with my pregnant girlfriend and opps I took the acoustic with me by accident. It never left my side untill a drunk fell on it at a bar we were playing at in 85.

I couldnt afford a real Strat at 18 so I bought a used Aria strat copy which like any good tool of the trade helped me to feed and cloth my family. I played simple songs in restruants and bars till I saw Triumph, then Rush and I fell for the 3 piece concept.

I was able to make a fair living untill I was injured at age 40 and not able to play any more. So now after 7 kids, my youngest just went to the Navy last year I have started to play again and believe me it's not as easy at it once was. I went to my old friend OLGA but it was gone and after much searching I found every one here. Great job ! It won't be long before I can chip away the rust and get back to the thing I love and thats my music. I still have all my old school equipment such as my echo-plex and the like but I also have some new digital equipment as well.

So thanks for being here and I will be a regular visiter when I need to get the old brain working again.

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Welcome to GN!


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Welcome to Guitar Noise! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Welcome aboard! 8)

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Welcome to Guitar Noise

Welcome back to guitar!

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Good story! Welcome from another 'old brain', and that's debatable. :D

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Great story! I remember the 60's ............ but only cause I didn't turn 10 until 1970.

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