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Another middle aged newb..sort of

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Hi everybody! My name is Art.
Back in 1981, I taught myself to play bass by playing along to the radio and records with an old Univox fretless beatle bass. I've always played entirely by ear, feel, and building a vocabulary of patterns that work with most rock and blues tunes. For many years, that has kept me happy.
Then in the mid-1990's, I burned out on the scene in the town where I lived and quit playing in bands.
A few years ago, I pulled my bass out of its case and started playing again at home. I was pretty much nearly as good as I was BITD. I quickly became bored with my old vocabulary of bass grooves and decided that I needed to light a new spark.
I purchased an electric guitar and a small amp. I have bounced around from one online lesson plan/school to another over the years and most recently have found myself starting over at the Justinguitar site. Wish I had started there in the first place.
Anyway, here I sit. A 54-year-old beginner guitarist with dreams of playing guitar live without being booed or laughed at.
Just North of Austin, Texas. Cheers!

"I don't know music, but music knows me." - Django

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Welcome to Guitar Noise.


"I play live as playing dead is harder than it sounds!"