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I'm 21, I go to school at Linfield in McMinnville, OR, and I'm a third year Religious Studies major. I've only been playing for a couple days on an acoustic that I borrowed from a friend. I've wanted to learn for a while, convinced my parents to buy me an electric when I was in my mid-teens, but never got around to actually learning anything. I'm taking lessons through the college now, and wishing the class met more than once a week. I actually picked up a beginner's book to supplement the lessons because I got bored of strumming cords. I've got stiff fingers, and I swear I'm tone deaf, so learning is going to be fun, but thats part of why I'm doing it, not to mention the fact that I've wanted to get back into music since I stopped playing the piano years ago. Anyway, I guess I'll stop now before I start rambling, if I haven't already, lol.

Posted : 18/02/2008 6:32 am
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Welcome! - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

Posted : 18/02/2008 8:51 am
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Welcome to GN!


Posted : 18/02/2008 10:20 am
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Welcome to Guitar Noise, Guitar Samurai! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Posted : 18/02/2008 4:37 pm
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Welcome aboard! 8)


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Posted : 19/02/2008 3:47 am
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Welcome to GN.

I think we might be neighbors.. I live down in Salem.......:)

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Posted : 19/02/2008 7:33 am
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Welcome! :)

Posted : 19/02/2008 11:28 am