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David Here :)

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Hi Peeps :)

I thought I would intro myself before I get started here. I stated playing guitar when I was around 6, and never stopped. Im just putting it out there, that ive never ha a lesson in my life. Wasnt like we couldnt afford it. I guess I just never did it.

I also have a great sense of humor, so dont take me serious all the time. I try to participate as much as possible. And I will probably say this name enough to make you sick, but the one guitarist, that inspired me the most in Joe Satriani. (hey no "booing" in the background) Thats where 99% of my music stems from. Even though I usually stay in the instrumental rock category, I will sometimes run into writing music with other band sounds. Im usually looking for these type sound singers:

1) Boston
2) Van Halen
3) Metallica

So on occasion, if you like making new music with those 3 type sounds, well get along great. I dont claim to be the best, or if anything at all, but Im always having fun doing it. Ok, I'm done writing. I'm going spend a little time checking the forums out. Pretty big. And yes I found the forum closet earlier and broke your mop. Sorry :D

In the meantime, here is an embarrassing vid of a competition from another site, that I did run out of time and missed. Its only a minute, and yes, I was heavy on the flanger. The saddest part were those stupid electronic drums LMAO. Laugh on!!!

Posted : 17/08/2019 8:46 pm