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From Greenville, NC

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Hey I'm new to this site. I live in Greenville going to East Carolina University, sophmore.
I had my first guitar lesson at a community arts program when I was 18, now I'm 20 and I've been picking up a little here and there. I'm taking an intro to classical guitar course at my school. We're working on a simple arpeggio type piece which I'm about to prctice in a little bit. I'm looking forward to getting my first electric guitar. I'm thinking about getting a Fender Starcaster since I am a beginner and I do not want to put out a lot for a guitar until develop my skill a little bit more. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Let me know. Also if anyone has any tips for playing blues styles I'd put them to good use.

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Posted : 12/10/2006 10:32 pm
Dan T.
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Welcome to GN FrettinNoize! :D

Just my opinion, but I'd steer away from the Starcaster. You can get a nice Squier combo pack for about the same, but much better quality in my opinion. Gibson, Washburn, and a few others also make starter packs, (guitar, amp, strings, strap, stand, etc), that you may want to check out too.

Good luck on your classical piece. 8)


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Posted : 13/10/2006 1:43 am
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Welcome! I like what Dan said and might add to check out this site
They have nice instruments at an inexpensive price. I have several of their guitars. So do many here. Check out some reviews at this site :

It is a small world for metal fanatics. I welcome you fellow musicians, especially the metalheads!

Posted : 13/10/2006 3:14 pm