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Gabba gabba maybe?

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anyhoo, are we "refurring" to the "British fur"?
oi! it's too early here for this....

And if we are, so what?

This is a guitar forum, f'evvens sake. All of us have other hobbies and pastimes (I hope!)

no problem, but i would've probably assumed you were a "dude" as well.
most of us hail from the US and have no idea about the furries.

It just surprises me -- perhaps it shouldn't, given the long thread on another board covering exactly this subject -- that even in this day and age people assume that anyone who plays a guitar is by default male.

(And as for furries, check your own back yard... you guys have millions of 'em...)

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Posted : 26/08/2009 12:13 am
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Hi Klepsydra

To be honest, I don't think it's a case of assuming you're a male because you're on a guitar site. Not in my case, at least. I tend to refer to people as "dude" regardless, as mentioned before, especially when there's no obvious indication as to gender.

I think it's more a case of being lazy, more than baseless assumption. I don't know if this stands for everyone, but whenever I'm speaking in hypothetical terms, or explaining something to someone, I generally use "he" rather than "she".

I don't know if that makes sense or not, but I notice this topic is getting a little out of hand considering it's a "meet and greet" post, so I renounce my original post and replace it with "Welcome to the forums."

Done 8)


Posted : 26/08/2009 3:17 pm
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The same assumption about gender happened to me until I added a signature with my obviously female name. My avatar is a girl from a comic strip, although that may not be obvious. I got called a guy a few times. I even posted a song and got one comment about singing falsetto. I somehow managed to find humor in that. I started playing guitar in the 60s and am amazed that it's still such a man's world. Be that as it may, this is a great site and a lot friendlier than some I've visited, so I hope you stick around.


Posted : 26/08/2009 4:33 pm
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Gabba gabba hey, Klepsydra! :D

Posted : 29/08/2009 8:30 pm
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Here's a thread that has already covered most of this and is a darn good read, even if I do say so myself! :D And, yes, I'm female, too! No Girls Allowed?

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Posted : 29/08/2009 8:41 pm
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Huh? Ummmm ... Welcome!

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Posted : 15/09/2009 3:23 am
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