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Greetings from "Hell" Paso Tx.

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Hi all,

I'm a 40 y.o. acoustic and electric player, self-taught (thanks utubes!) - fingerstyle, only use a pick on rare occasions , I've been playing 6 years now. Currently in the process of recording original compositions on my acoustic, a Taylor C-110. I did no research on the Taylor, I just played guitars in the shops until I found my match. It was love at first sound with the C-110. The weather in "Hell" Paso Tx. this year has been horrible, so all my 6-string lovers have been stressed and acting out. With the C-110 I've got some minor buzzing, hoping a few days in the case with humidifier will suffice. I'm really ready to lay my tracks down. I'm also in the process of transcribing my music with Tuxguitar. That process is slow going b/c I'm just learning now how to use the software. All my compositions are mostly in my head, with a few riffs and such in my notes, and I incorporate a lot of improv, jamming in my work so the songs are never played with entirely the same notes. Some of my songs i've now been composing and layering now for years, (like the one dedicated to my GF) and I'm ready to release them into the wild. While I like to play many different genres, my core "style" I guess is sort of folk-jazz -blues-fusion with some alt-rock flourishes. Oh yeah, I don't sing when I'm recording or when anyone else is around except my gf. I try not to think about music theory much.

The cover songs I'm fluent in are very few as I've mostly focussed on my own compositions from the git-go. Here are a few

"Tequilla" (officially by the Champs, but according to wiki really a jam song brought into the studio by a group known as the Flores Trio to fill up the B-side). My arrangement is fast-paced, with jazz-infused chording additions, lots of improv and extended soloing. Sort of my signature cover song.

"The Thrill is Gone"

"32-20 Blues" arrangement inspired by Keith Richards and his performance for the French documentarian.

"All of Me"
written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons

Working on "Autumn Leaves", with an ear to the Joe Pass arrangement, also "Blue Bossa"

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Welcome to GuitarNoise.

It's the rock that gives the stream its music . . . and the stream that gives the rock its roll.