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Guitar name ?

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I'm new to Guitar Noise. Would like to say hello.
I have a vintage hollow body electric guitar that has no name on it. I'm not sure where I should open this topic and or upload a pic. Thanks By the way, how can I upload a guitar pic ?

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Welcome to GN.
You need an account on an image-hosting site like Flickr or Photobucket. Upload the image(s) to your account, and then get the link for the photo(s) from the menu on the page where the photo is. Sometimes there are several choices, but I can't recall what they are. You'll see tags like "Img" and "/Img" inside brackets "[]" around a URL. You can copy-and paste the whole link, tags and all, into your post, or just copy the link and then click the "Img" button above where you're typing your post. (Don't click the one to the right of it that says "URL"; I don't think that would do anything.)
Clicking that button opens "{img}{/img}" (I used braces {} because clicking it with nothing inserted between the tags doesn't display properly) wherever the cursor is when you click the button, and the link can be pasted in between the two pairs of brackets. Once you click "Submit" on the post, the image should show up in the post.
If you have multiple images to be viewed, another method would be to link the URL for the album where you uploaded the images. You have to make the album public so potential viewers can see the pics.

Have you opened up any covers on the back of the guitar, like over the tone and volume pots, to see if there's any maker information in there?