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Hello everyone!

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I'm Krzysztof Wiszniewski (yes, the name is just as unpronounceable as it reads :D ) and I'm from Poland. Most people call me Faza, so feel free to - it's short, simple and familiar to me. I stumbled onto the GuitarNoise pages a couple of weeks ago when it dawned upon me that the Internet could be a valuable resource of guitar information (don't laugh - it took me a while to realize this :D ) and since then I have been greedily devouring everything that the excellent authors here had written. Of course, as with all knowledge, there's always the desire to learn more and what better way than to simply get in touch and ask. So here I am! :D

I've been playing guitar for something like fourteen years now and it's been nine years since I first took to the stage. In the meantime I went through a good many bands, wrote a handful of songs, mucked around in the studio on several occasions and got blasted more times than I'd like to admit. :D My current band is called Viridian and we play a strange mix of classic-contemporary hard rock. Four of our songs can be heard on our MySpace page - check them out if you like! We've been going at it for four years now - changing the line-up frequently - and over the last two we've started to get our act together and make a mark in the Polish underground. We play fairly regularly, we've enjoyed some airplay with our recordings and we try to make ends meet in the way of unsigned bands all around the world. :D

Coming here, I'm hoping to make some friends and get some inspiration. The band has come to rely on me to give them direction and make everything alright, but - frankly - I'm stumped for ideas. Getting a band up onto higher levels is never easy and there are no sure-fire formulas, but sometimes I don't even know where to begin. That's why I want to listen (read :wink: ) what others have got to say. It's amazing how many things are so obvious, you never think of them until someone points them out. It's happened to me more than once as I was reading through the articles here and I hope to learn from this forum too.

Rock on! :D

Viridian on MySpace

Posted : 21/06/2006 3:36 pm
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Hey Faza. Welcome to GN!! Cant listen to your recordings yet... I am at "work" but I certainly will when I get home. :D I think you'll find this a great place to bounce ideas around.


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Posted : 21/06/2006 3:47 pm
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Welcome to GuitarNoise, Faza! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Posted : 21/06/2006 6:23 pm
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Welcome to the boards!

I'm going to go to your myspace and add you guys.

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Posted : 21/06/2006 7:23 pm
Dan T.
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Welcome aboard Faza!

Jump on in & join the fun!

8) Dan

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Posted : 22/06/2006 1:13 am
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COOOOLLLLLL, Love the music! You're right, its a little different! Haven't heard anything like this in way too long, a little classic with just the right amount of modern grit. I see good things coming your way.

By the way, welcome and I'm really looking forward to seeing you around the boards! :D

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Posted : 22/06/2006 1:40 am
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Welcome to GN, you will be glad you found this site. I've had many a questions answered on these boards and found that I'm usually not the only one with a certain problem. Good luck with your band, hope to hear you on the radio soon :D

Posted : 22/06/2006 2:47 am
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Hi, good to have you. 8)

Posted : 22/06/2006 7:50 am
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Welcome, I really like the music you have on myspace! - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

Posted : 22/06/2006 8:39 am
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Wellcome to GN, You guys sound great :D

My Youtube Page

Posted : 22/06/2006 7:34 pm
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Nice stuff...really liked the sound, the band is tight, good luck and welcome aboard!

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Posted : 22/06/2006 8:36 pm
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Welcome to GN


Posted : 04/07/2006 11:57 am