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[Solved] Hello from Australia  


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29/06/2020 4:00 am  

Hi there,

I've just started learning guitar. I'm a week shy of playing for 3 months. I've got both a Fender CD-60SCE which I am learning my basic chord shapes, strumming, rythms etc on with a teacher online. I also have a Les Paul Custom for my song playing. I went a little silly a few weeks in and bought a Mesa cab with a Diezel VHX amplifier. I figured I loved it so much why not get some good gear. Both guitars have been setup by a local luthier who is a wizz but I'm still having vibration issues on my electric that require sorting out.

I like metal mostly, so alot of drop d type music.

Learnt about 14 chords so far and have just managed to get the hang of the F barre, although I'm very slow getting to it.

Absolutely loving playing and trying to learn the songs I love most! Just wish I started alot sooner as I'm 39.

Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to talking with you



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