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Hello from Florida!

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Hello, GuitarNoise! Pleased to meet you all. Call me David. I'm a music-junkie teenager, come to take part in this thriving community you have here. So here's my introduction. Also, it's a request.

As I just explained, I love music. It's a core part of my life. I play three instruments, and I plan to keep learning them as if they were languages. One I've really grown fond of is the guitar. And now, I want to pursue my interests even further. I've decided to purchase an Ibanez RG470 so that I can enhance my metal tone, as well as having the opportunity to have humbucker pickups and a two-octave fretboard.

It's not the features that draw me to the RG, however. My ultimate goal with music, especially metal, is to express myself and share the gifts I feel I have with the world. My belief is that this new guitar can assist me with my aspiration.

So I started an Indiegogo to see if anyone would be willing to help a teenage amateur musician continue his exploration. Here's the link:
You don't have to donate, especially since this is just my introduction. But I appreciate every dollar. Thanks in advance, if you decide do.

But anyways, I'm glad to now be a member of GuitarNoise, and I look forward to a great stay! Thank you for having me, and thank you for donating, if you decide to!

New to this forum, nice to meet you! I'd really appreciate if you'd donate to help me get an Ibanez RG470FM! I'm already partly there! Every donation counts, thanks!