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Hello from Surrey UK

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Hi all,

I've been learning for about a year now but I have to admit my progress is not as great as I'd like it to be or as is could be. I have a rather good teacher but I have always been a rebel at my own detriment of course. I am 31 now and really and truly want to play the guitar WELL!!! Music has always been my number 1 love in life but sometimes life really does get in the way.

My teacher is taking me through grade 6 Rock School right now. Please don't let that fool you though... I am like a sponge, I absorb information and my teacher (and the previous teacher too) says music comes easy to me but:

Problem 1) I prefer to learn by osmosis. That's the way my brain works best, that's why with my teacher I pick things up at the speed of light. If I could jam with people all day everyday I'd learn so much more!
Problem 2) I don't work well on my own. It's not lack of motivation, far from it. It's not procrastination either... it's fear of failure :(

I fear wasting time on the wrong exercise, I fear going in one direction when I should be going in another. There is so much material out there, books, websites, videos, tabs, notation, and everyone says: There is NO ONE WAY to learn guitar. Sometimes I wish there was!!

I am frustrated as hell and just want to get on with something tried and tested.
I will be asking a lot of questions here and hopefully someone will tell me what's worked for them.

Hope to have a lot of fun with all of you!

Posted : 21/01/2010 6:11 pm
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Ask away. Someone here will be able and willing to answer your questions.

Glad you found us and Welcome to the best guitar forum out there.

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Posted : 24/01/2010 1:39 am
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Hello and welcome. 8)

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Posted : 24/01/2010 11:07 pm
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Thank you for the warm welcome :)
It's amazing how things can seem all doom and gloom and after several long months things seem to resolve themselves!

I have found a structured way of learning to play the guitar.
Gotta admit the progress that I made in 3 days is scary to say the least but I am so very glad.

I will no doubt be asking more intelligent questions than I would have asked had things not suddenly clicked.
now Im off to practice some more!

Thank you again 8)

Posted : 26/01/2010 6:38 pm
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Grade 6 ?

Then you are really good than many of us here... 8)

Welcome Aboard.

Posted : 29/01/2010 8:27 am
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Welcome to GN! 8)

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Posted : 13/02/2010 12:05 pm
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Welcome aboard.

Glad to hear you found yourself a nice learning/practice schedule

Keep it going!

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Posted : 19/02/2010 7:50 am