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Hello from the Midwest

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I'm a 54 yr old that started learning back in March. No musical background other than I love music.

I have two guitars: An Epiphone LP Special II and a Gibson Faded T I bought second hand in mint condition. I also have a Yamaha THR10C amp I use.

My knowledge so far: I can finger the A, D and E chords 95% of the time without muting other strings. I have the major scale pattern 1 (or box pattern) down, working on other variations of the majors and learning the natural minor. I also work on arpeggios, occasionally.

At the 6 mo mark, I'm going to hire a guitar teacher. Been looking carefully and I have one or two, maybe three possibilities.

Favorite songs: Hotel California (want to play this), pretty much anything by Satriani, Smooth by Santana and really, too many to list. While I can appreciate any music, rock and blues evoke more in me.

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Welcome to Guitar Noise.

Keep at it. Sounds like you are making progress. It's a life long journey. It should never ends.


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Man if you can afford a teacher that sure will make things go smoother