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Hello Guitar Noise members, new member here.

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I am a newbie at playing guitar. I'm taking lessons, just a half hour a week. I bought an electric guitar, a Schecter Stealth C1. It has a nice feel, 2 pick ups, and a coil tap. I enjoy practicing on it. I don't have an amp, instead I have DigiTech RP360 to plug into, with headphones. I'm looking at buying a practice amp this month. Maybe a small 15-20 watt Marshall. I'm glad I found this site.

Posted : 03/09/2015 6:05 pm
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Hi Joseph, I'm new too, although I registered about 10 years ago. Welcome!

A guitar has moonlight in it. ~ James M. Cain

Posted : 07/09/2015 11:08 pm