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Hello to fellow guitarists

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I would just like to say hi. I am new here. I studied guitar for a couple of years when I was younger. basically classical. And fooled around with popular songs with a friend, and strummed VERY mediocerally (is this a word?) on my own. I never was very profficient, and it just kind of "died out" when other things - university, boys, work, marriage.....etc. took its place.

Now I am 48 (!) and my youngest decided to pick up this classical guitar that has been collecting dust (well, the case was!) for about 35 years. Can you believe I never got rid of it, and that included moving 7 time zones across the world?!?!

After she had about 4 lessons, I got the guitar itch too, and made a barter deal with her teacher (guitar vs. English lessons!) so now I am back. I grew up with the Barry Manilow and Barbra streisand type of crowd. (I.E. very square!!!) Couldn't have told you eric clapton, from Pink Floyd, from Santana ha ha ha .

Well, my teach is giving me "wish you were here", "layla", "sultans of swing"....What a blast!!!! Frist time I learned the words "riff" and "bend"....!!Even managed to break a string at one point!!!

I am learning LOTS also from this incredible site.

I need to be on another forum like a need a hole in the head....but anyways....nice to meet you all!

Posted : 03/03/2005 10:16 am
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Nice to meet you, zitagsd! And, welcome to Guitar Noise! Be sure to thank your daughter for giving you the itch! I think it's great that the two of you can learn together. My father originally taught me (when I was 13, I'll be 49 in 10 days!!!), and I think it helped to bring us closer (when he wasn't making me cry, that is! He was the type of man who could pick something up without even thinking about it and couldn't understand why I couldn't do the same thing!) So, y'all be patient with each other and have a wonderful time learning together!

OH! And, welcome to GuitarNoise!

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Posted : 03/03/2005 6:12 pm