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hey folks!

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My name is Bruce. I live in the middle of the forests of northern Wis. where it is ridiculously cold. (thank you Canada) This is my first post on this or any guitar forum so please forgive if I sound like an idiot. I'm 55 yrs old and until -99 played cover music, guitar and vocal, at a professional level since I was 20. In the last several years of that stint, I gradually weaned myself out of the music and into my construction business for no other reason than it being the responsible thing to do. I am currently pursuing the prospect of playing gigs again as a single or duo thus I am curious to pick the brains of those of you who play on that level. I have a pretty diverse vocabulary of styles both listening and playing. My favorite pickers are a broad range from Doc Watson to Larry Carlton, Jerry Reed, Steve Howe, Tommy Emanuel and some that I'm forgetting to mention. I'm not much on gadgetry, pedals or effects. I know they have their place. I feel that a musicians foremost tools are the heart, head and hands (and feet if you're a drummer) but I'll save that for discussion, for now, I have much to learn from all of you and hopefully some kernels of knowledge to share. See ya on the board!