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Hi from Holland

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Hi, first post here! Having turned 40 recently, I thought it was a good time to pick up the guitar. I tried a bit of playing on a right-handed acoustic when I was a kid but I never really got into it. Being a lefty, I decided to get a left-handed electric one now.

After some research, I decided on a Yamaha Pacifica 112 and a Fender Mustang I.
I got them a week ago and I'm pretty happy with this setup. Should last me a long time.

Other hobbies: I play drums 4 years now and are member of a gigging band.
I also play keys occasionally, just for my own pleasure.

This looks like a great forum, I hope to meet others and learn a lot over here!

I already have a question: I know I'm pretty critical but I notice that the G string seems to sound a bit off.
I have it tuned correctly (according to the tuner) and it sounds OK when I play it open, like an Em chord.
But when I play an E, so the G# on the G string, it seems to 'stick out', it doesn't blend as well as the other strings.
Tuning it higher or lower doesn't improve it.

Could it be that it needs fine tuning on the bridge side? Any other idea?

Cheers, Eric

Posted : 09/07/2012 4:59 pm
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I have one acoustic that does the same thing on the G I use a tuner and tune out a G# on the first fret to sort of "split the difference". If there was an adjustable bridge, that would most likely fix it...but it doesn't.

Oh, well...

Welcome to GN...


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Posted : 09/07/2012 7:58 pm
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Hi Cat,

Thanks for your reply. Good idea trying to tune it to a G#, I'll give that a try.
The Yamaha has a bridge with 6 fine-tuners. Would you advice adjusting them yourself or leave that to a tech?

Posted : 10/07/2012 4:58 am