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Hi from US East Coa...
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Hi from US East Coast.

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Well... I've been a big fan of Guitarnoise and have been coming to this site for a very long time ... However, I am a very quiet fan. I guess I feared that I don't know as much as you or that I would have to explain why a 40-something mother of two is playing the guitar. I am not as serious as some of you folks are. But, I have learn so much from this site.

Well, I think I've enough and just want to say "Hello" and "Thank you".

Posted : 16/03/2007 6:21 pm
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:lol: Hi Cami, and a belated welcome to GN!

You don't have to explain to me why a 40-something mother of two is playing the guitar. Those words describe me, too. 8)


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Posted : 16/03/2007 6:25 pm
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Welcome to GuitarNoise, Cami! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

Be sure to check out our women's forum, "The Other Side"!

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Posted : 16/03/2007 8:57 pm
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Welcome to GN


Posted : 16/03/2007 9:37 pm
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Welcome to GN, cami.

No explanations required here. As long as you enjoy your music that's all that matters in the end.

See you round the forums.


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Posted : 17/03/2007 7:46 am
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Hi cami! :D Feel free to jump in anytime you like. 8)


"The only way I know that guarantees no mistakes is not to play and that's simply not an option". David Hodge

Posted : 17/03/2007 12:06 pm
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Welcome to GN, cami.

There is no rule to when to pickup an instrument and no limits to where you can take one. However, setting one down seems to become more and more difficult, yet no one complains. Must be something to that.

Thanks for the intro!


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Posted : 17/03/2007 1:54 pm
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Hi cami. Welcome to GN. This is the place where you never have to explain why you play guitar. We all know why.


Posted : 18/03/2007 3:35 pm
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Thank you all.

Posted : 18/03/2007 10:29 pm
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yes need to be shy here 8)

what did the drummer get on his I.Q. test?....


Posted : 18/03/2007 11:58 pm
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Welcome - from a 50 year old "newbie". We all have to start sometime.

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Posted : 19/03/2007 1:17 am
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Hi Cami, Welcome to GN.
You'll get much help here!

Good time :D

Posted : 19/03/2007 8:30 am