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hi im nicole :)

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i love guitar and playing.

big fan of classic rock and blues. alot of the stuff i listen too is waaaay b4 my time but i still love it all.

i read alot about bands and the history of them, the players and their gear.

hope to say hi to y'all once inawhile :)

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Can't wait to see and hear more from you around the forums. =)


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Hey Nicole. Glad you joined. 8) I really like it when people enjoy music from before their time, if you're anywhere close to "young", maybe the good stuff was back then? (In my time? ) Classic rock and blues! Gear and history sounds good, eh?

Soooo, Ottawa is pretty darn cool, I like it, hope you dig it too. I visited, or had a hotel suite w/children, when my wife (now-ex) worked there, and my eldest daughter and my old dad both have some connection with today's PM and Parliament. My little daughter loves the Gov General's house, trees and playground, concert series etc. - who doesn't?

We are also huuuuge Senators fans. A costly habit, especially when the girls follow them on the road. Groupies!

Enjoy your guitar and new found friends.

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Welcome to the forum. My wife and I were just in Ottawa in January. (Finger Eleven concert ... kids Christmas gift to her) I'm an old geezer but my son is 24 and he enjoys classic rock as much as I do. We have a band and play lots of the stuff. Nice to see new people appreciating the music I love. We are about an hour south of you, as far north as you can get in New York state before you are in Canada.

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