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How did you all get...
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How did you all get started?

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I was just curious about how some of you guys all got interested in even playing the guitar?

For was my first time ever in a pawn shop and I only went in because I didn't want to go into my great grandmothers assisted living home so I went to the pawn shop across the street and saw a squier strat for only 100 bucks and coincidentally it was around the same time my dad introduced me to Jimi Hendrix

Posted : 27/01/2006 4:13 am
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AH... Jimi's been dead for decades and he's still influencing people and getting them to pick up the guitar and play!

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Posted : 27/01/2006 8:00 am
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I heard surf guitar on the radio. then I started air guitaring in the bedroom, playing along with Vanilla Fudge and my brothers Beachboys album.
my parents got me an electric guitar in 1964. a Mustang.
then I heard the Cream, Beatles and Stones.
I havent stopped playing since.

Posted : 27/01/2006 1:56 pm
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AH... Jimi's been dead for decades and he's still influencing people and getting them to pick up the guitar and play!

Actually jimi not only inspires people to pick the guitar but more so... he inspires them to get the white stratocasters :twisted:

Posted : 27/01/2006 5:45 pm
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For me it was lots of reasons, but mostly GIRLS :twisted: . Also it was the opening solo in the song "Of Match Stick Men" and "Born to be wild" That got me hooked. I got my first guitar when I was 13, in Jan. 1970( A Kay I think it was) and my grandma taught me My first chords.( Thanks Toots) --the dog

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Posted : 28/01/2006 12:52 am
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Just watch any band live and notice how you are somewhat drawn to what the guitar player is doing...

I'll only be down there (in the basement practicing) for a couple of minutes or so...
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Posted : 28/01/2006 12:55 am
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It was a side thing for me. A friend asked me to sing in a group he was forming. I didn't think I could sing but he assured me I could. I came to find out I could sing pretty good and really like it. Then he told me I should get myself a guitar so I could acompany myself and that he would help me learn to play. I took him up on it and have been playing rhythm for the group ever since.

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Posted : 28/01/2006 2:10 am
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For me it is something I've always wanted to do. And after numerous starts and stops and after finally finding this site and purchasing a playable guitar I've finally gotten to a point where I don't completely suck at it.


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Posted : 28/01/2006 3:56 am
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Mike my story sound alot like urs a few years ago i started off tryna play some power chord on some crap strat clone and gave up. Then a good friend of mine took up guitar and i started playing his and eventually got the the point of not being a complete noob and took the dive and got my own.

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Posted : 28/01/2006 5:27 am
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I come from a bgi family all my brothers and sister play EXCEPT me ....

While they went to guitar lessons I went to footy practice ...

Now I'm 42 and trying to catch up with my family ..

We all have children and yes all the nephews and neices play

EXCEPT for me .....

Family think it s pretty kool that a old fart like me is trying this

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Posted : 28/01/2006 6:23 am
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When you think of it you have built in guitar instructors. Even if THEY don't think that they are instructors if you pick up one thing from each of your siblings and their children that will make for some pretty good instruction. Each of them must have something that each of them does well on the guitar. Tap into that.

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Posted : 28/01/2006 1:29 pm
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Well I'm a bit of a metalhead, so whilst listening to Maiden and such I'd usually make a fool of myself by playing air guitar along to the solos. Then I found an old acoustic lurking around the house (seriously old 'cause it was 3/4 size), Google'd "online guitar lessons" and found this place.

The rest, as they say, is history. I just bought a starter pack and started learning chords and songs. :)

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Posted : 28/01/2006 4:09 pm
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I have always been atracted to guitars, for as long as I can rember. My dad got me an old acoustic when I was hardly able to hold it, and I can rember picking it to a old Johnny Cash album trying to make the same sounds. I got a little older and I herd Free Ride for the very first time. That did it, I Waaaaaz Hooked!!! then I found out that Rick Derringer was from a small town near my home town. Thats when I got my first Jap electric.

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Posted : 02/02/2006 5:08 pm
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i have to agree with the dog, it was for the girls :twisted:

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Posted : 02/02/2006 8:20 pm
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I just come from a musical family. My mom played the piano all the time. I had a cousin who was a lead trumpet player for one of the air force jazz combos, I had another cousin who played guitar in a travelling country-rock band. So i was just always around music.

I think I latched onto the guitar because my guitar playing cousin just struck me as a really cool guy.

I started lessons when I was 7 or 8, and by the time I was in my teens I was doing studio work.

An accident that badly damaged my arm stopped me from playing for 20 years, but I finally came back and decided even if I can't be as good as I once was, I can still enjoy what I can do.

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Posted : 03/02/2006 5:05 pm
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