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HyVibe Audio

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Hi everyone,

We are HyVibe, a sound company that develops the first smart acoustic guitar.

We use vibration control to turn an acoustic guitar into its own speaker (for streaming backing tracks etc.), amplifier, multi-effect processor, recorder and looper. It is an open system with input/output jacks and can be controlled by a mobile app.

Our tech uses vibration control algorithms and a low-latency sound card. This also allows us to use several actuators to excite the top plate of the guitar, where the main natural vibrations of the guitar come from and control different frequencies & feedback.

Check out some clips of people playing with our prototypes on our YouTube page:

We are happy to join this community! If you have any question about our technology don’t hesitate to ask.

-Matt from HyVibe

Posted : 27/12/2017 9:36 am
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Posted : 03/07/2018 4:18 pm