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I just got an Echop...
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I just got an Echoplex EP3

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I have always loved all types of guitar music. Over the years I have played in various country and rock type bands. Eric Johnson is one of my favorite players, and I would like to get my tone closer to the way he sounds. Today I bought an Echoplex EP3. It was $600.00 and it looks really nice. It should be here in a week or so!

How often do I have to change the tape in them or get them serviced? I know nothing about it at all, except how great they sound!

Here is a youtube video of me goofing around on a backing track that I downloaded today, so there are a ton of mistakes. I was just trying to get different sounds out of my rig, so there's no real direction, just a bunch of noise.

Posted : 07/09/2009 11:55 pm
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Hey Tele. I just bought a Roland RE-301 Space Echo with reverb & chorus for my son, but won't post that until I slow down a little. :shock: It was a big investment too, no way can I pay these bills, I feel for you, but am happy too. :lol:

I haven't been sleeping, just staying awake reading about all this stuff, from Hank Marvin's Vox Meazzi drum delay, to the standard Roland RE-201 used by David Gilmour to invent the true Pink Floyd genre, and by Brian Setzer.

There is so much Tech stuff available on Synth and Electronica music forums too, of an engineering caliber. My son builds his own Synthethizers now, a Theremin and effects and collects vintage, while studying Electronics.

I believe you change the tapes when they warble. Then they are just slightly stretched (mylar?) and about to break. Heads need cleaning, aligning and tightening. New tapes come with instructions. That's good?

All the best. :D

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Posted : 08/09/2009 7:01 am
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wow congrats!
here's a page/site i stumbled upon after i got my echoplex digital pro plus and was searching for info.


Posted : 08/09/2009 8:14 am
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Nice piece of gear!

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Posted : 15/09/2009 3:04 am