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I'd like my uke to ...
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I'd like my uke to sound like a mandolin

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Hi, guys!

I have received an Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic Electric Ukulele. I wanted this with the intention to tune it like my mandolin, using the Aquila fifths tuning strings. These strings are technically made for a soprano sized Uke, and my neck is concert sized. I put them on, tuned it up, and it's so much fun to play, I'm having a great time picking on it (so much easier than my Mando, which is why I wanted it).

However, with the new strings, it was constantly going flat, and after about three days of much tuning, the E string snapped. Now I'm at a loss, do I pull another E string out of a set and maybe tune it less often to give it more time to stretch and hope it doesn't break again? I read that using steel strings on a Uke will damage the instrument, but what about just the E string? I've also read a 20-pound fishing line might work. Anyway, if anyone has any info on the subject, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 31/05/2019 11:58 am
Alan Green
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Let me get this right - you put a Uke string on as the first string (A) and tuned it up to E to match mandolin tuning?

I'm not surprised it broke; they're just not designed to take that level of abuse. If the problem with your mandolin technique is that you're struggling to cope with having the two strings on each course, then remove one from each pair and see how that goes.

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Posted : 31/05/2019 12:56 pm