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I'm back

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Hi gang,
I used to be a regular here. After a complete nervous breakdown, quitting my job, finding a new job and my sanity, my guitars pretty much just hung on the wall collecting dust.
I've gotten myself put back together enough to start playing again.
Not much callous at this point but that will be back soon enough.
My current job (pay & boss are both much better) doesn't have a computer at my desk, so I won't be on as often as the days of old, but I am very much looking forward to becoming part of this community again.
Wow, sure has a lot different look from when I was here last.
Peace to all,

I wanted to learn to play guitar really badly and I think that I have succeeded.

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Welcome back!

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Billybenbob, welcome back. GN has changed somewhat - much bigger community and a new look, but the same "family" feel as before.

I started with nothing - and I've still got most of it left.
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Bienvenidos! or Welcome back!!

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Glad to have ya back billybenbob! :D Always nice to see another Wisconsinite on the boards!

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