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I'm back, been awhile!

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It's been a couple of years since I've been here. Lots of health and financial problems got in the way. Actually hadn't played guitar at all for about two years. But we are a little more settled now and I can get back to doing something to keep my sanity again!

We lost our house in the mortgage crisis, I had to sell just about all my gear but I kept my Washburn acoustic and my Buckel custom electric, gone are the Gibsons, Marshalls and (REALLY unfortunately) my beloved Traynor Mark III amp. Am looking for a cheap amp to play the Buckel. Otherwise I will enjoy the Washburn.

Went a couple of years without a telephone let alone the internet. I had my arm rebuilt after breaking it a few years ago and it not healing properly. My wife has Parkinsons disease and dealing with that and her other problems took a lot of time and patience but we are through the worst of it I think. For awhile, I couldn't even afford a set of strings!

But now I'm back and am looking forward to participating again, I really missed this place! :D

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Posted : 29/11/2011 4:55 am
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Blumin eck, that is terrible! I am so sorry to hear your story. You have had it tough. Hope things are on the up though for you.

Posted : 29/11/2011 8:53 am
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Since I've only been hanging around here a couple of years, I don't know you, but I hope you'll stick around. A lot of us have been through periods when we didn't feel like making music. You certainly have a world of reasons for that. Welcome back to guitar and GN.


Posted : 29/11/2011 4:28 pm
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Welcome back, racetruck!
Sorry to hear of the miserable stretch of bad fortune that's kept you away.
I've never forgotten the story you told of an older lady offering you a primo vintage guitar as payment for some couldn't accept knowing it was worth much more than she knew. If I remember right you helped her sell it at fair value? I hope some of that good Karma lands on your doorstep starting tomorrow. 8)


Posted : 29/11/2011 7:59 pm